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NO pills&Excellent safety profile&Helps you get an erection within 10minutes&Prolonged time

Mode of action kick-starts normal physiology&Enhances spontaneous intimacy.

Approved under the MDR EU rules

Phase-3 clinical data in Europe and the Us

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PROVIG ® - StimGel For Erectile Dysfunction - Helps You Get An Erection Within 10 Minutes - Discreet Non-Pill Treatment - Compatible With Latex Condoms And Lubricants - 4 Single Dose Tubes

What is ED?

If you have ED, you may struggle to achieve or maintain an erection that is strong enough or lasts long enough for intimate activities. It's important to know you're not alone—ED is a very common condition, affecting one in two men over 40 around the world. Despite its frequency, it's not something you and your partner need to simply accept.

ED may lead to feelings of frustration, upset, anxiety, or isolation, significantly impacting your relationships and daily life. Seeking support and treatment can break this cycle and allow you and your partner to enjoy fun and spontaneous intimacy again.

ED is prevalent, affecting about half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70. Its incidence is increasing due to aging populations and a rise in medical conditions like obesity and diabetes, which heighten the risk of ED. Younger men are increasingly affected as well, not only because these conditions are appearing earlier but also due to societal pressures and unrealistic portrayals of intimacy in media.

Prior to Provig®, existing treatments for ED were available only on prescription in most countries around the world, creating barriers to access. Embarrassment, denial, reticence, and lack of awareness may further prevent someone from seeking help.

What is Provig®

At last, there is a solution to effectively treat erectile dysfunction (ED) quickly, allowing you and your partner to enjoy spontaneous intimacy without the usual wait associated with taking pills. Provig® is a gel clinically proven to treat ED, helping you achieve an erection within 10 minutes.

PROVIG® PROSTATE STIMULATING GEL, EFFECTIVE & FAST-ACTING, has been clinically tested and proven to significantly improve all indicators of premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED). It helps achieve an erection in less than 10 minutes and is known for enhanced control, increased satisfaction, and prolonged time to ejaculation, all while being well tolerated.

Provig® gel is a new, clinically proven alternative to oral PDE5i’s that healthcare professionals can recommend for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED).

This novel treatment for ED is available without prescription in the EU and UK. Provig® offers an excellent safety profile with no known drug interactions. Provig® comes in the form of a pleasant and easy-to-use clear gel applied locally. The user or their partner can apply the gel.

Discover more about how Provig® gel can help men with ED restore intimacy and spontaneity to their relationships.

 Provig®works fast and isavailable without a doctor'sprescription in Europe andthe UK

Provig® can help you get an erection in under 10 minutes, and can be purchased online or in person without a prescription, making treatment easier than ever.

  • Provig® is a gel applied to the head of the penis,
    and is clinically proven to treat erectile dysfunction in men
  • Provig® is available without a doctor’s prescription in Europe and the UK.
  • Provig® has a very low incidence of side effects.

Anovel alternative therapyfor erectile dysfunction

Current on-demand, first-line treatments for ED typically take at least 30minutes to one hour to work. This requires planning and patience fromthe man and his partner, which stands in the way of intimacy andspontaneity, and can put undue pressure on couples. Many men andtheir partners are dissatisfied with oral PDE5i's, with estimates that asmany as 50 percent discontinue use after one year.3
Provig® gel represents the first novel advance in effective treatment forED in a decade.By recommending Provig®, healthcare professionalscan help men and their partners restore intimacy and spontaneity totheir lives - quickly, and easily.

How does Provig® work?

Provig® is clinically proven to help men achieve an erection within 10 minutes. It works by stimulating the head of the penis with a fast-acting gel that causes blood vessels to relax—this allows more blood to flow into the penis when aroused, aiding in achieving an erection.

It works through a unique physical evaporative effect, with the gel rapidly cooling and then warming the penis, awakening the nerves. Think of it as kickstarting the natural process your body undergoes to get an erection. Provig® works on the surface of the head of the penis – meaning you don’t have to wait for anything to be absorbed into the bloodstream, helping you get an erection faster and minimising side effects.

After years of little innovation in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, Provig® is finally providing something new. Applied directly to the penis, our gel formula is clinically proven to help men get an erection within 10 minutes – no pills, no wait, no pressure.

Clinically proven

Provig® is clinically proven as an effective treatment for ED, after going through clinical trials in Europe and the US. In two clinical trials it was found that Provig® was effective in treating ED and worked fast with the treatment found to help men get an erection within 10 minutes. Provig® is approved as a treatment for ED in the EU, the UK and the US.

Can my partner be involved intreating ED?

Provig® helps restore intimacy and spontaneity in your relationship, bringing the fun back and enabling your partner to be fully involved.

  • Fast-acting means no need to plan, you’re free to be spontaneous
  • You or your partner can apply Provig® gel as part of foreplay
  • Your partner can purchase Provig® themself on your behalf

Provig® can help you get an erection in under 10 minutes, and can be purchased online or in person without a prescription, making treatment easier than ever.Provig® is a gel applied to the head of the penis,and is clinically proven to treat erectile dysfunction in men


We're more durable than Viagra. The most important thing is that it can help the genitals to enlarge and thicken. And no toxic side effects. No dependent type. 99.93% customers who have used this product will choose to repurchase and recommend it to others to buy. Are you still not taking action?

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How often can PROVIG® be used?

One single-dose tube is intended for a single intercourse attempt. However, there is no restriction on how many times PROVIG®can be used per day.


How to use PROVIG®?

PROVIG®is applied to the glans of the penis prior to intercourse and the gel is massaged for 15 seconds.


What types of ED can, and can’t, PROVIG® treat?

PROVIG®is clinically proven to be effective for men with ED, whether psychological or organic (or mixed), and in mild, moderate, and severe cases.


What is the difference between PROVIG® and oral PDE5i's?

They work differently. Oral PDE5i's generally must be taken 30-60 minutes before sex. They work by suppressing the enzyme which lowers the level of cGMP. Increasing cGMP levels increases blood flow and normalises erections. PROVIG® is a topical gel that works by stimulating nerve endings on the head of the penis increasing blood flow in the penis and giving an erection. The action of PROVIG® as a topical gel is fast, helping men achieve an erection within 10 minutes.

While oral medications are a good treatment option for many men, they are contraindicated in some patient groups, such as nitrate users (where there is risk of severe hypotension). As a drug-free topical product PROVIG® has no known drug interactions.


Is PROVIG® clinically proven?

PROVIG®’s safety and efficacy are clinically proven, as demonstrated in two Phase 3 trials in Europe and the US. These trials provided the basis of the EU CE mark and UKCA mark regulatory approvals, meaning that PROVIG®is approved as a medical device in the EU and UK for the treatment of ED. The trials also formed the foundation of PROVIG®’s regulatory application to the US FDA for marketing authorisation in the US.It is also approved in the UK as a Class 2 medical device with a UKCA mark.


Is PROVIG® safe for oral contact?

Yes, PROVIG® is safe for use with oral contact.


What are the main ingredients of PROVIG®?

PROVIG® contains Tongkat Ali, Red Wild Kudzu Root, Epimedium, Cuscuta, Maca, Tribulus Terrestris, Damiana Leaf, Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, L-Arginine, water, ethanol, propylene glycol, glycerin, carbomer, and potassium hydroxide.


What are the potential side effects?

Apart from you being too strong too handle from your partner, There's No Other Side.

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