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Oveallgo™ LIFT Lumina Cream

Oveallgo™ LIFT Lumina Cream

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Oveallgo™ LIFT Lumina Cream

Oveallgo™ LIFT Lumina Cream

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Let's face it: your body is a work of art. It can do the things you want it to, and look the way you want it to. But what if you're tired of doing the same thing over and over again? What if you've tried every trick in the book, and nothing has worked?

You're not alone. Everyone wants a better body, but no one knows exactly how to get there. That's where Oveallgo™ LIFT Lumina Cream comes in! 

Get that bootylicious body with this amazing cream!

"I was able to have the skin on my bottom lifted and hydrated! No more drooping skin! I can now wear a cute skirt without feeling conscious! I’m so happy this gave me the moisture and hydration my bottom really needed! It also smoothened the texture of my skin from behind, great cream indeed!"

Alice Lancaster, 32, Spring, Texas

"I want to be daring with my fashion sense. I want to look bold and fashion forward. Short shirts, tight shorts and pants are my thing! I never go to wear them because I feel so insecure with how my flat and soggy buttocks look. Now I feel and look like a supermodel after using this cream!"

Elizabeth Harper, 34, Phoenix, Arizona

What causes buttocks sagging?

As we age or go through certain life events our bodies inevitably experience change. Unfortunately, this change is often negative and leads to people trying to find a remedy. 

In terms of saggy buttocks, this can be a condition that affects anyone but it is more common in women. The nature of a woman’s body means that they naturally store more fat around the area of the buttocks and hips when compared to men.

Saggy buttocks can cause women to lose their self-confidence. Sagging buttock isn’t something that women have to put up with though. Numerous steps can be taken to perhaps prevent saggy buttocks. When the condition is already evident then there are options such as saggy buttock surgery as well as non-surgical alternatives to consider. If saggy buttocks are something causing you concern then we’re going to share all that you need to know about this condition.


Sagging buttock can be caused by a variety of factors. Generally, these are linked to the gluteal muscles which are the large muscles in your buttocks. These muscles are strong and add to the firm and taut appearance of the buttocks. Saggy buttocks occur due to:



As we age, the gluteal muscles naturally lose some of their strength and tone. This means that buttocks begin to lose the firm appearance that they previously had.


Lack of exercise/poor diet:

A lifestyle that sees little exercise and perhaps poor diet choices can add to sagging buttocks. Exercise can help to tone the gluteal muscles and burn calories. When this is lacking excess fat cells sit between the gluteal muscles and skin. This can lead to skin stretching. The look of excess skin can make the buttocks appear as though they are sagging.


Sitting still for prolonged periods of time:

There are some jobs where sitting still is unavoidable. Unfortunately, jobs that keep you in a sitting position may make a sagging buttock worse. This is because it causes excess fat cells to build up around the buttocks causing them to sag. 


Dramatic weight loss:

Losing a significant amount of weight can add to a saggy buttock. Excess fat cells cause the skin to stretch. When we lose weight, the skin should go back to how it was previously. As we age, skin loses its elasticity and instead does not return to how it was. This gives the appearance of excess skin that adds to saggy buttocks.



2 Key Ingredients:  


Contours the buttocks, Adipoless works by targeting the adipocytes (fat cells) in the body, particularly those that accumulate in the buttocks region. It inhibits the process of lipogenesis (fat creation) and promotes lipolysis (fat breakdown), which results in a reduction of fat in the buttocks area. Powerful antioxidants and nutrients that help improve skin health. It helps increase collagen and elastin production, two proteins responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. As a result, the skin becomes more toned, tight, and lifted.


Volufiline promotes skin elasticity and firmness, it can also support the natural regeneration process of skin cells. This process helps replace damaged cells that cause hyperpigmentation with new, healthier cells, gradually reducing the appearance of dark spots and discoloration.


How does the Oveallgo™ LIFT Lumina Cream works?

Formulated with the combined ingredients from natural herbs and other powerful elements, deeply penetrating to enhance the firmness, plumpness and bounce, effectively reshaping your back figure for a more noticeable molded booties. Absolutely non-invasive and cost effective solution to get the best figure of your dreams!


What makes the Oveallgo™ LIFT Lumina Cream your great choice?

  • Deep penetrating formula
  • Effectively reshaping your back figure for more noticeable molded booties.
  • Provides anti sagging effect, creating perkier and bouncier butt, enhancing the flatness, roughness and eliminating the cellulite for a perfect butt contour.
  • Improves your buttocks creating perkier, bouncier and lifted booties without the need for constant workout.
  • Suitable for all skin types even for those sensitive ones, can be applied on thighs, belly, upper arms, knees and more.
  • Quick noticeable results



Here are Penny’s submitted photos of her buttocks transformation journey with the use of the Oveallgo™ LIFT Lumina Cream:

Week 1

I saw a huge difference with how moisturized the skin on my bottom has become! I didn’t realize it was that dry! No wonder it was itchy and aching all the time. I apply this everytime I take a hot shower and massage it onto my skin. It really gives me a rehydrated feeling.

Week 4

I can see a significant life in my butt! It used to be a bit further down but now I can see how it’s shaping nicely! My backside used to be dry but now that’s changing. It doesn’t feel as dry as before and the itchiness is all gone now!

Week 8

I love how I look! I’m so close to achieving that curvy look I’ve always wanted to have! The lift of my bottom gives it so much accentuation when I wear skirts and dresses!

Penny Greyson, 38, Portland, Maine


  • Ingredients: Adipoless, Volufiline
  • Net. Wt. 120g

Package Inclusion:

  • 1 x Oveallgo™ LIFT Lumina Cream



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