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Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap

Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap

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Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap

Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap

Regular price $24.97
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Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap, the solution to your butt acne concerns. Infused with natural ingredients, this luxurious soap is specially designed to banish butt acne and leave your skin looking smooth and clear. With noticeable results in just one week, you can finally say goodbye to pesky bumps and blemishes.


See what our happy customers are saying:

I used to feel embarrassed about how my rear end looked. I had to give up wearing my favorite bikinis, and sexy shorts as I felt those tiny bumps and dark spots were just getting the attention of others and talking behind my back.  I would never go to the beach or even take off my pants at home! I tried EVERYTHING—creams, lotions, potions… Nothing worked. Then I finally got this Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap and tried right away with high hopes that it would clear up those spots and it didn’t disappoint! I use it everyday during the morning shower and before bed. It also smells amazing. I've been using it for a few months now, and my butt acne is GONE! No more red bumps, no more itching—just smooth, clear skin.

Tanya Jones, 29, Brooklyn, New York


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I had always struggled with acne, especially on my butt cheeks, which can be hard to reach. I had tried countless spot treatments and clearing creams with no success. That is until I discovered the magic of Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap!

Not only did it clear up my problem areas quickly, but it also gave me the added bonus of a noticeable butt lift. This soap works wonders, and it never leaves my skin feeling dry or gross. With its refreshing scent, it's like I'm wearing a subtle fragrance all day long. I'm beyond thrilled with the results and have never felt more confident in my own skin!

Grace Pembroke, 32, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Have flawless and firmer buttocks!

Butt acne is no joke. It's a real problem, and it can be embarrassing—especially when it happens at the worst possible time. But with ourOveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap, you don't have to worry about that anymore!

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Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap is designed to help clear up even the most stubborn butt acne quickly and effectively. With consistent application of our soap, you'll feel your skin smooth out, look clearer, and feel more confident than ever before.

Buttacne Or Buttne Troubling?

Butt acne can be caused by clogged pores and the buildup of oil, bacteria, dead skin cells, and inflammation1. It can also be influenced by genetics, hormones, stress, diet, and body mass index. Another possible cause is irritation from shaving, waxing, sugaring, or tight clothing rubbing the skin. Sometimes, what looks like butt acne may actually be keratosis pilaris, a harmless condition of keratin buildup, or folliculitis, an inflammation of the hair follicle. Ingrown hairs or razor burn bumps can also mimic butt acne.

How does the Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap works?

Our Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap is a revolutionary product that works by clearing butt acne through elimination of dead skin cells in the surface and prevents further blemishes. It works greatly in doing as follows:

  • Improves the Skin Condition
  • Begins to Increase Firm Buttocks
  • Elastic and round buttocks

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Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap meticulously diluting the skin tone of the buttocks, firming, elastic, and firming, repelling stubborn accumulation, eliminating the dark lines of the buttocks, and allowing you to have pink and plump buttocks.

Consists of 5 Powerful Ingredients:

⭐️ Salicylic acid
⭐️ Shea butter
⭐️ Vitamin E
⭐️ Africana Fruit Extract
⭐️ Pueraria Lobata Root Extract

⭐️ Salicylic Acid 

A chemical exfoliant that helps clear away dead skin cells. It's often used in acne products to help prevent blackheads and whiteheads by removing bacteria from the pores. The salicylic acid works by loosening dead skin cells and allowing them to be washed away, leaving the skin smooth and clear.

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⭐️ Shea Butter

Renowned for its ability to hydrate and rehabilitate the skin's natural barrier to prevent further loss of moisture. Because of shea butter's natural emollient properties, it can also help act as the skin's barrier from pollutants of the environment. Shea butter also has some anti-inflammatory attributes so it can be used for skin irritations.

⭐️ Vitamin E

Known for its ability to improve skin texture and appearance. When it comes to the buttocks, using products containing Vitamin E can help to lift and smooth the skin in that area. This is because Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can help to neutralize free radicals and protect the skin from damage.

⭐️ Africana Fruit Extract

A vast array of bioactive compounds which contribute to its broad-spectrum antibacterial and antifungal activity, which is similar to penicillin and fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tightens skin, evens skin tone, and calms the complexion overall.

⭐️ Pueraria Lobata Root Extract

An extract derived from the East Asian Arrowroot, or Kudzu root. Pueraria lobata root extract is used in skincare for its beneficial properties – as an antioxidant and moisturizing humectant ingredient. A natural ingredient that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, and it has recently gained popularity in skincare products due to its ability to lift and firm the skin. When used in products designed for the buttocks, it can provide powerful benefits for lifting and smoothing the skin in this area.

Caroline Saunders presented these photos of her butt acne transformation journey with the use of the Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap:

12 January, 2023

I was so excited to try this Oveallgo™ Exfoliating Natural Soap! I had been dealing with butt acne for years and nothing seemed to work. I tried all kinds of dermatologist-recommended creams, but they just made my skin worse. So when I saw this product online,  I knew I had to give it a try. I’ve been using this soap twice daily and it’s made such a difference in just two weeks! My butt is so much smoother and those tiny little red bumps have been getting less noticeable. I’m impressed with the result!

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28 January, 2023

This stuff works! My butt acne has started to clear up, it's almost completely clear! It’s so easy to use and doesn't smell bad like other products do. After a few applications on my skin, a lot of dead skin cells were removed. I feel like I’ve got a buttock enhancement! It is slowly giving my butt a nice lift that I haven’t experienced ever. 

10 February, 2023

I’m still using this Oveallgo™ soap every day because it keeps my butt acne under control. It also helps with some other areas on my body where I get breakouts sometimes too, like in my thighs- plus it moisturizes well which is nice when your skin is dry from being out all day long! I believe that it will flawlessly smooth out my behind in the coming days but for now I am very grateful that I no longer experience breakouts and the skin texture has improved so much!

Caroline Saunders, 36, Bangor, Maine

What makes the Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap be your great choice?

✔️ Smoothen Butt Acnes
✔️ Has Anti-Microbial & Anti-Inflammatory Properties
✔️ Promotes Blood Circulation to the Butt's Skin
✔️ Hydrates & Soften the Skin Around the Butt
✔️ Gives Your Butt a Significant Lift
✔️ Improves Firmness & Feel of the Butt
✔️ Makes Butt Look Fuller
✔️ Helps Firm Up the Hips
✔️ Moisturizes The Skin
✔️ Easy and Safe to Use for all Skin Types
✔️ Prevents Butt from Sagging
✔️ All Natural Ingredients

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How to Use:

  1. Use the Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap & massage it to the desired area twice a day.
  2. Massage thoroughly & gently until absorbed then rinse.
  3. Start seeing results in just 1 week.


  • Ingredients: Salicylic acid, shea butter, Vitamin E, Africana Fruit Extract , Pueraria Lobata Root Extract
  • Net Wt.: 100g

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Package Inclusion:

  • 1 x Oveallgo™ BootyBoost AntiAcne Exfoliating Natural Soap
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