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EMS Portable Lymphatic Relief Neck Massager

EMS Portable Lymphatic Relief Neck Massager

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EMS Portable Lymphatic Relief Neck Massager

EMS Portable Lymphatic Relief Neck Massager

Regular price $24.97
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Rosie Meyer shared her experience using the EMS Portable Lymphatic Relief Neck Massager

"My lymphatic condition has been bothering me for more than a year, and it is incredibly painful and uncomfortable. I have fluid retention, which is what causes the bloating on my body. As a result, I always feel stiff and move slowly most of the time. The EMS Portable Lymphatic Relief Neck Massager is a great find. After just a few weeks of regular usage, the discomfort and bloating have significantly decreased. I use the massager twice a day. As someone who suffers from such poor blood circulation, I can tell after using it continuously for two months that it is incredibly useful and allows me to wear whatever I want."

Do You Know How Our Lymphatic System Works?

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs in the body that aids in the removal of waste products, poisons, extra fats, and other undesired substances. It employs the lymph nodes, tiny organs distributed throughout the body, to assist in removing waste products, dissolved lipids, and toxins from the lymph fluid.

The surplus fluid that escapes from cells and tissues all over the body is collected by these lymphatic tubes, which act as the body's sewage system. The additional fluid is then returned to the circulation where it is cycled once again. Lymphatic blockage, which can also be brought on by waste and toxin accumulation, decreased immunity, and genetic anomalies of the lymphatic channels, can result in primary lymphedema.

What are the blockages that have an impact on the lymphatic system?

Numerous disorders can affect the veins, glands, and organs of the lymphatic system. Some occur before birth or over the course of childhood. Others are brought on by disease or damage. Both common and unusual diseases and illnesses of the lymphatic system include the ones listed below:

  • Lymphadenopathy - Enlarged (swollen) lymph nodes
  • Lymphedema - Swelling or accumulation of fluid
  • Lymphoma - Cancers of the lymphatic system
  • Lymphangitis - Inflammation of the lymph vessels
  • Lymphocytosis - a condition in which there is a higher-than-normal amount of lymphocytes in the body.

    What is EMS?

    Electric muscle stimulation (EMS), commonly referred to as neuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES), is the process of inducing muscle contractions by electrical impulses. The impulses cause the muscles to contract by simulating the central nervous system's action potential. EMS has been shown to be a very effective preventative tool for muscle relaxation and strengthening.Traditional medical or weight loss facilities can cost hundreds of dollars per treatment and require weekly maintenance to maintain results. Our EMS Portable Lymphatic Relief Neck Massager uses pulsed technology to strengthen muscles, tighten skin and utilize lymph nodes to help remove waste, dissolved lipids and toxins from lymphatic fluid for healthy weight loss. For only $24.97, you can follow the recommended frequency anytime, anywhere!

    EMS Treatment : Reduces Fatigue & Improves Blood Circulation

    EMS has been scientifically proven to stimulate the nerves and help with lymphatic drainage, proper circulation and tightening of the gluteal muscles, which is also particularly useful for pain relief. Improves blood circulation and relieves muscle tension, foot fatigue, neuropathy, chronic nerve pain and plantar fasciitis. Stimulates foot and calf muscles through low frequency pulse (EMS) technology to improve blood circulation and relax the body.

    Acupuncture points are stimulated by the EMS Portable Lymphatic Relief Neck Massager, which has a number of health advantages for the body, including pain relief, improved blood circulation, and relaxation. A general massage will be beneficial to your body since it eases weariness and muscular strain, especially for people who often sit for long hours to work or study.

What Makes the EMS Portable Lymphatic Relief Neck Massager SPECIAL?

  • Helps detoxification
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Expels unnecessary waste
  • Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids
  • Cure lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes a detox cleanse
  • Relieves swelling on body parts
  • Removes lymph nodes
  • A great natural solution for lymphatic drainage
  • Clears up lymphatic congestion in your body    

How Effective is EMS Portable Lymphatic Relief Neck Massager?

EMS Massager is a more time effective and efficient weight loss tool, it allows people to streamline their results and gain all of the benefits in an effective 30 minutes. 
The majority of persons with clinically significant obesity react well to EMS Pulse Therapy over time as opposed to surgery and diet regimens, according to the National Institutes of Health. The majority of morbidly obese people—16 out of every 20—respond favorably to EMS treatment, according to a review of the literature.

With the help of pulsed technology, the EMS Portable Lymphatic Relief Neck Massager not only relieves daily stress, but also improves physical health. The treatment works by sending electronic pulses to the muscles to be treated, utilizing lymph nodes (tiny organs located throughout the body) to help remove waste products, dissolved lipids, and toxins from the lymphatic fluid so that your muscles can be tightened, strengthened, and the visibility of cellulite can be reduced, all while achieving weight loss. Keeps muscles passively exercised.

Here are some of our happy customers

"I was first hesitant, but as soon as I gave it a try and saw the outcomes, I was thrilled! Before my friend persuaded me to give the EMS Portable Lymphatic Relief Neck Massager a try. Contrary to what I first thought, it functioned considerably better than I had expected. I achieved this outcome after 20 weeks of use. In the past, I've tried a ton of anti-swelling creams and slimming lotions, but none of them have ever worked. This massager made me more energetic than before."

"I have been suffering from neck pain these past few days. The pain is tolerable but it's annoying and i cant work properly. This EMS Portable Lymphatic Relief Neck Massager helps the swelling and  lessen the pain. After 3 days of using here's the result no more pain and swelling."

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