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Oveallgo™ SmoothSweep Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse

Oveallgo™ SmoothSweep Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse

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Oveallgo™ SmoothSweep Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse

Oveallgo™ SmoothSweep Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse

Regular price $24.97
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Enjoy smooth, hairless skin the safe way!

I can’t believe my underarm feels so smooth and hairless! It’s a miracle I was able to get such smooth and hairless pits without the feeling of itchiness from razor burn or the discoloration from lasers. I didn’t feel any irritation at all during those thirty days of treatment! This is a thumbs up for me!
Marjorie Wesley, 25, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My leg is really hairy, which is a hassle to shave and it’s a real struggle in the summer. A friend of mine recommended the Oveallgo™ SmoothSweep Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse Inhibiting Spray and I got rid of my overly hairy legs in just a jiffy! My wife used it too on her underarm and she had the same result!
Mervin Carson, 34, Portland, Coos Bay, Oregon

Pleasantly surprised. I've tried other hair removal creams and gels and none seemed to work on my arms. I did the patch test for 5mins and my hair was already starting to come off. I then did the entire arms and left it for the full 10mins. At first, I felt a slight tingly sensation but not painful. This does not have a strong chemical smell like others. Would definitely be buying again.
Samantha Rollins, 30, Charlotte, North Carolina

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Quickly & Painlessly

Hair serves a vital role in protecting our skin from bacteria and dirt permeation. It is also an important player in thermoregulation. However, sometimes, our hair grows too thick for comfort to the point we have to repeatedly shave or trim it. Unkempt hair is a sign of improper hygiene. Copyright possessed by Oveallgo™ Group

You can remove unwanted hair with the Oveallgo™ SmoothSweep Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse! This is safe, organic, herbal, safe, dermatologically tested and approved, and FDA certified! 

The Oveallgo™ SmoothSweep Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse provides a perfectly clean and traceless hair removal without burning or damaging your skin. It strikes a balance between effectively getting rid of unwanted hairs all over the body and nourishing the skin with moisturizing and soothing ingredients. On top of that, this cream delays hair regrowth and leaves you with a smooth, hair-free skin for weeks! Get yours today!  Copyright possessed by Oveallgo™ Group

3 Powerful Ingredients: Infused with skin-calming beeswax and a blend of nourishing plant essences.

  • Beeswax
  • Maltose
  • Glycerin


Beeswax is a good source of flavonoids, which are potent antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals and minimize photoaging.  It has softening effects and can reduce transepidermal water loss by forming a protective film over the skin’s surface. For this reason, beeswax could be a savior for dry, dehydrated skin, helping keep the moisture barrier intact.  Copyright possessed by Oveallgo™ Group


In skin care, maltose serves as a humectant and skin conditioning ingredient, helping the skin to retain moisture, ultimately aiding in skin hydration.


Glycerin is good for skin because it attracts and retains moisture, leaving skin smoother and softer. It is also safe for skin, as long as it is diluted with other ingredients or products to prevent irritation. Glycerin is the most effective humectant, a type of moisturizing agent that pulls water into the skin, compared to other substances 

Here are some more of our Happy Customers…

"I am thrilled with the results of using Oveallgo™ SmoothSweep Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse for my underarms. The process was painless and quick, leaving my skin incredibly smooth and hair-free. Unlike other methods, it caused no irritation or redness. I appreciate the inclusion of beeswax, as it nourished and hydrated my skin, leaving it soft and moisturized. This mousse has become my go-to choice for effortless and effective underarm hair removal. I highly recommend it for a hassle-free and satisfying hair removal experience."
------   Aliyah Mitchell
"After using the Oveallgo™ SmoothSweep Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse to remove hair from my legs, I couldn't be happier with the results. The process was a breeze, and the mousse spread smoothly and evenly on my skin. It effectively removed even the most stubborn hairs, leaving my legs incredibly smooth and hair-free. I appreciated how gentle it was on my skin, without any redness or irritation. The beeswax-infused formula also provided hydration, leaving my legs feeling soft and moisturized. SmoothSweep™ has become my go-to product for effortless and flawless leg hair removal."
 ------  Romeo Butler

"Oh boy, let me tell you about my experience using the Oveallgo™ SmoothSweep Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse on my arms. It was like a scene straight out of an action movie! I transformed into a hair-removing superhero, armed with a can of mousse. The mousse glided on like a charm, making me feel like a smooth operator. And when I wiped it off, ta-da! Sayonara, arm hair! My arms were left as smooth as a baby's bottom, and I couldn't help but flex in front of the mirror. SmoothSweep™, you've won my heart and my hair!"
-----  Charlotte Ortiz
Copyright possessed by Oveallgo™ Group

What makes the  Oveallgo™ SmoothSweep Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse be your great choice?

✔️ Provides hair root peeling without damaging pores and leaving black spots, irritation, redness, or inflammation
✔️ Effectively and painlessly gets rid of unwanted hair in the face, arms, legs, underarms, feet, back, and bikini area without harming your skin
✔️ Inhibits growth rate and shrinks pores
✔️ Formulated with skin moisturizing & nourishing ingredients that soothe and hydrate post-hair removal skin
✔️ Prevents growth of harder and thicker hair
✔️ Weakens and breaks off hair from the roots to delay regrowth, letting you stay hairless for weeks
✔️ Suitable for all skin types


  • Ingredients: Beeswax, Maltose, Glycerin
  • Net weight: 100ml

Package Inclusion:

  • 1 x Oveallgo™ SmoothSweep Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse
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